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Are you looking for cosmopolitan atmosphere, breathtaking abundance of architecture and art, excellent food and entertainment? Or do you fancy a smaller Russian town just to relax? Let us help you to find the perfect holiday for you!


Trendy and unique St.Petersburg is full of outstanding sights and cultural treasures of Czarist time - yet it is a modern city with endless attractions. The city is every city breaker's dream with lots of excellent hotels, restaurants, nightclubs, jazz clubs, rock concerts, museums, high fashion, ballet, opera, circus, ice hockey. You name it - St.Petersburg has it.

Saimaa Travel offers both package and individual tours to St.Petersburg whenever you want - all year round. In summer our visa-free cruises via the Saimaa Canal are an easy way to travel to Vyborg and St. Petersburg. See the historic Saimaa Canal and fascinating St.Petersburg on the same tour!

If you prefer to get to know St.Petersburg, Moscow or any other Russian city on your own, contact our office and we will offer you a package tailored to your needs: by bus, by train, by plane - a hotel of your choice - excursion of your taste.

For reservations and inquiries - please call +358 5 5410 100 or e-mail saimaatravel(at)

3-day city break to St.Petersburg

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