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M/S Carelian lähtö Lappeenrannasta

Cruise season 2022 on Lake Saimaa is over. Thank you to all our customers!


In summer of 2022, M/S Carelia cruises on Lake Saimaa. You can book a cruise from Lappeenranta to Puumala and Savonlinna or a cruise along the historic Saimaa Canal.

There will be several cruise options available - day cruises, bus & ship or ship & bus combinations, and also hotel packages. You can also book just a one-way cruise ticket as part of your holiday tour and combine the cruise for instance with a cycling trip at Lake Saimaa.

Welcome on board!

Day Cruises

Day Cruise Three Locks of the Saimaa Canal

Sunset Cruise

Day Cruise from Lappeenranta to Puumala

Lunch Cruise

Day cruise from Lappeenranta to Savonlinna, ship & bus

Day cruise from Savonlinna to Lappeenranta, ship & bus

Day cruise from Lappeenranta to Savonlinna, bus & ship

Hotel packages

Lappeenranta-Savonlinna-Lappeenranta, cruise + hotel, 2 days

Two nights in Lappeenranta and Cruise to Puumala

One night in Lappeenranta and Cruise to the Saimaa Canal

One-way Cruise Tickets

One-way ticket, Lappeenranta-Puumala/Puumala-Lappeenranta

One-way ticket, Lappeenranta-Savonlinna/Savonlinna-Lappeenranta

One-way ticket, Savonlinna-Puumala/Puumala-Savonlinna

One-way ticket, Lappeenranta-Nuijamaa/Nuijamaa-Lappeenranta

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