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St.Petersburg and Vyborg, Russia

We can offer different hotel and excursion possibilities both in magnificent St.Petersburg and in historic Vyborg. A tour that combines the Saimaa Canal and Vyborg or St.Petersburg is an experience you won't forget. Furthermore, if you travel to Russia and from Russia on our ship M/S Carelia, the cruise is visa-free! On board M/S Carelia you will enjoy beautiful scenery along the Saimaa Canal, the waterway that combines Lake Saimaa with the Gulf of Finland.

In historic Vyborg there is a lot to see and experience: Vyborg Castle from 1293, traditional Russian dinner in the medieval Round Tower restaurant, the Hermitage-Vyborg and much more.

St.Petersburg is one of the most fascinating cities in the world with its numerous canals, bridges and beautiful palaces. The city is full of history, but at the same time pulsing with modern life - fashion, music, theatre and excellent restaurants.

Visa-free cruises to Vyborg

Visa-free cruises to St.Petersburg

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