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Cozy town of Vyborg is situated only 40 kilometres from Lappeenranta.

Vyborg is a Russian town of about 80 000 inhabitants situated only 40 km from Lappeenranta by the Gulf of Finland. Vyborg was part of Finland until 1944. At that time, it was the second largest Finnish town after Helsinki. The town boasted with international atmosphere, several nationalities and cultures. In the Second World War Finland lost Vyborg to the Soviet Union.

Sights of Vyborg

Vyborg castle, Round Tower restaurant, Library designed by Alvar Aalto, Park Monrepos, State Hermitage Vyborg art museum.

Shopping in Vyborg

The market hall is located in the city centre (linen, crystal, clothes, shoes, fruit, sweets, household items, bakery product). Small boutiques are to be found in every corner.

Time in Vyborg

During summertime Vyborg is in the same time zone as Finland.
In wintertime time in Vyborg, St.Petersburg and Moscow is + 1 hour to time in Finland.


The only official currency in Vyborg Russia is ruble. Rubles can be purchased in advance in a currency exchange offices, during your cruise on M/S Carelia and in Vyborg in banks and from ATMs. Paying with a credit card is also possible, but it is good to have cash with you just in case credit cards don't work.


Taxis are not expensive in Vyborg. Official taxis have a sign TAXI on the roof.

Restaurants and cafes

There are restaurants and cafes almost on every street in Vyborg. In many restaurants the menus are besides in Russian but also in English or Finnish. The meal prices are cheaper than in Finland. Please note that when ordering the main course the side dishes are normally not included.

It is not required to tip for the service in Russia. However, it is polite to leave a tip of about 5-10 % from the total sum if you feel that the service has been good. Tipping only with coins is not polite in Russia.

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