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M/S Brahe has four decks, a fully licensed meal and dance restaurant and a sun deck. The latest modernizion of the cabins was make during the spring 2011. Despite the modernizations, the ship has kept the style and charm of a genuine old time cruiser. Although the cabins are relatively small, almost all have own toilets and showers. Only the 5. class cabins has shared toilets and showers. The ship can take appr. 200 passengers and has 44 cabins and five cabin classes on four decks.

Cabin classes:

Kristina cabin

Cabins with window, double or single bed, toilet and shower. Cabins on deck 4.

Brahe cabin

2-4 beds, round window, toilet and shower. Cabins on deck 2,3 and 4.

Pietari cabin

2-3 beds, round window, toilet and shower. Cabins on deck 2.

Saimaa cabin

1-2 beds, round window, toilet and shower. Cabins on deck 1.

Norppa cabin

Small inner or outer cabin, 2 beds, sink, no shower in cabins. Cabins on deck 1.

History of the ship

Originally the ship was built in USA during the World War II to be an escort vessel. She is known to have crossed the Atlantic Ocean under the flag of USA during the war. In her main operation are on the western coast of Africa and the Gibraltar area, she served as an anti-submarine corvette. Under the Union Jack the ship was called HMS Kilchernan.

In 1948 the ship was sold to Norway, where it served as a mail steamer Sunnhordland between Bergen and Stavanger until 1973.

After this the ship was sold to Finland and was named M/S Kristina Brahe after Ristiina, her home port at the time. The ship was renovated and turned to a cruising vessel. As M/S Kristina Brahe the ship cruised at Lake Saimaa, via the Saimaa Canal to Vyborg, to Tallinn and to the former Leningrad.

In August 2010 travel agency Saimaa Travel bought the ship from Kristina Cruises and she got a new name - M/S Brahe. In 2011-2014 the ship cruised in the eastern Gulf of Finland and Lake Saimaa area.

Technical information

Built in Chicago 1943
Length 56 m
Beam 10 m
Draught 3,3 m
Passenger capacity 200
Cabin capacity - for 110 passengers
Owner Saimaan Matkaverkko Oy

M/S Brahe
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